Monday, September 14, 2015

BREAKING, EXCLUSIVE: Suspect Who Killed KY State Trooper Joseph Ponder is a Ferguson Protester Who Attended Mike Brown's Funeral

Joseph Johnson-Shanks, who has been taken into custody for killing Ky State Trooper Joseph Cameron Ponder is a native of Florissant, MO and Ferguson protester.

Wonderland Advocacy Research has uncovered Shanks' Facebook page.

The 25 year old is an amateur tattoo artist who posts under the name Jay MileHigh. Shanks' has a previous criminal record with arrests for theft and burglary.

Shanks' Facebook photos show that he participated in protests around Ferguson, MO after the death of Mike Brown.

He is seen here posing with Missouri police during the protests.

He also attended Mike Brown's funeral and graveside service, riding to the memorial with friends in a rented limousine.