Monday, February 3, 2014

HOBOKEN UPDATE: What Zimmer and the NYT Don't Want You To Know

The New York Times reported last week on a May 2013 meeting between Hoboken Mayor, Dawn Zimmer and the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection. 

The Times article cites email obtained from meeting attendees and states that the first item on the meeting agenda was a “‘review of concepts for flood control measures at Rockefeller property’”. 

The Times suggests that, despite Mayor Zimmer’s pleas to help the city’s “‘ongoing flooding emergency,’” the priority was on the Rockefeller redevelopment project.

It even includes a lovely map of the Rockefeller Property on Hoboken's North End:

Photo Credit: NY Times

But... HERE is what the New York Times and Dawn Zimmer are NOT telling you:

The Rockefeller property in question sits at GROUND ZERO, at the breach point that allows flood waters to enter the city of Hoboken. In order to protect the entire city, flooding issues in this area MUST be addressed. Dawn Zimmer KNOWS this. 

It is outlined in the 2013 “Hoboken Resiliency and Readiness Plan” that BEARS HER NAME.

The two critical breach points are indicated by the red arrows on this lovely map on Page 1 of Zimmer’s Plan:

In fact, protecting and reinforcing the area directly across from the Rockefeller property is a KEY COMPONENT of Zimmer’s Resiliency and Readiness Plan for the city.

And... she’ll have help from some familiar friends:

The HUD/ Rockefeller sponsored “Rebuild by Design” Plan for Hoboken incorporates many of Zimmer’s own ideas about how to fortify the city. 

Judging by the Mayor's Oct 2013 comment on the “Rebuild By Design" Website, it’s safe to say she’s quite a fan of the plan:

"I support this thoughtful approach to address Hoboken’s historic flooding problems due to storms overwhelming the combined sewer system at high tide and the increasing threats from coastal flooding due to rising seas and stronger storms."

Mayor Zimmer’s “Resilience and Readiness Plan” also mentions the Rockefeller funded “Re.Invest Initiative”. An initial $500k grant with the potential for another $1 million for the city. As mentioned in our last post, Zimmer had announced receiving the first award on May 22, 2013, just 9 days after her alleged confrontation with Lt. Governor Guadango.

The NY Times article suggests that Mayor Zimmer’s pleas were going unheard and is claiming that the email quote from the May 9th meeting shows a preference for the Rockefeller Group. But, does it? It certainly appears as though Zimmer was getting everything that she wanted.

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